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Can a new cooling method be used in dental implant drilling? An in vitro pilot study
Aims: The aim of this in vitro pilot study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the CryoKB cooling method in increasing the heat-induced temperature during implant drilling in bovine femur bone and to determine its potential usefulness for future in vivo studies.
Methods: The study included four groups defined as follows: the G1 group, in which stainless steel materials were cooled using the CryoKB method (n = 13); the G2 group, in which bone was cooled using the CryoKB method (n=13); the K1 group, in which stainless steel materials were cooled using an external irrigation solution (n=13); and the K2 group, in which bone was cooled using an external irrigation solution (n=13). The temperature was measured by creating a 5-mm-deep socket in the bone. The measurements were made every 5 minutes from 0 minutes to 1 hour, using a thermometer device with a type K probe.
Results: The temperature changes in 52 samples were evaluated. Statistically significant differences in temperature change were found between the G1 and G2 groups. Statistically significant differences in temperature were found between the G2 and K1 groups and between the G2 and K2 groups.
Conclusion: The newly developed cooling method provided more effective and long-lasting cooling than the traditional irrigation method.

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Volume 1, Issue 4, 2023
Page : 105-108